What to pack for a wedding


It’s that time of year, multiple wedding invitations, a different outfit for each weekend, but what do you pack? Those little things that you don’t think of, so don’t forget your:

DEODORANT Yes, you applied post-shower, but that first application doesn't stand a chance if the ceremony or cocktail hour is outdoors. A travel-size stick will fit nicely in your bag.


SUNSCREEN Same as above: Your earlier application won't protect you from the bride's walk down the aisle through the last dance—especially if the ceremony has you sitting through early afternoon rays. Put some sunscreen into a ziplock plastic bag ahead of time, and give yourself a pre-ceremony wipe-down. (Don't forget your ears and neck!)

WATER A thoughtful bride and groom will probably remember to have pre-ceremony water on hand on a scorching day, but don't take your chances. Nothing kills a champagne buzz faster than passing out from dehydration.

SUNGLASSES Extra-important if part of the wedding is happening by water (whether it's the ocean or a pool), which will reflect the sun directly into your eyes.


HEEL COVERS Your pretty heels don't stand a chance against wooden decks, gravel, grass, or sand. Protect your shoes, and prevent any potential face-plants, with a pair of soulmates, which are little plastic covers that slide over the bottoms of your heels and keep you from sinking—or getting stuck.

A WRAP Depending on where the wedding's located, a scorching-hot day might turn to a freezing cold evening when the sun sets. A pretty wrap will look SO much better with your dress than your boyfriend's bulky suit jacket.

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Posted by Gina Ritchie
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