How to pack your suitcase

A well-packed suitcase. Photograph: Moodboard/Corbis

It’s that time of year again, you’ve got a great deal on you flights and you are off abroad. That great deal on your flights means that you only have hand luggage. So how do you pack all those shoes, dresses, phone chargers and your wide brim hat.

Here some top tips:

Take your nicest things

Those "special" things you save for high days and holidays? Take them. OK, maybe leave the diamonds at home if you are going backpacking, but don't get stuck in a rut of only packing tatty old vests and shorts. Just because you can be casual doesn't mean you have to look like a scruff.

Two pairs of shoes, two cover-ups

Wear Converse or trainers for the plane and pack one nice pair of flat sandals and one pair of wedges. If you're going somewhere warm, take two light layers that can be worn together: a cashmere cardigan and a blazer, for instance. Then, if you leave or arrive on a chilly day, or if things get really unseasonable abroad, you can layer up.


If you take something you don't wear, you will waste time packing it, hanging it at your destination, then repacking it, and probably having to iron it again when you get home. Leave it where it is.


Soft wide brim hat (example to the right)

All of our soft wide brim hats can be rolled up into your suitcase and then when you arrive at your destination they pop right up again back into shape.

A party dress

Never, ever go anywhere without a really nice dress and the right bra to wear with it. You never know who you might meet.

Posted by Gina Ritchie
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