Sleep Hats


I have designed this hat for sleeping in. Perfect for hair loss, hair braids, hair extensions etc.  

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Sleep Hats or boudoir caps, a form of lingerie headwear, were popular in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. These caps were worn in the privacy of the boudoir, and often made with muslin or net with lace and ribbon trim. It was used to protect short hairstyles in 1910, evolving into a decorative hairnet by the 1920’s. They are now used to protect hair and hairstyles, as well as protecting bald heads. Wearing one at night if you have expensive braid or extensions, allows them to last longer, which saves you money over time. Silk hats also don’t absorb as much moisture from your hair, helping to maintain its condition, and sleep hats made from the same fabric are also great for protecting African hair, as it is fine and delicate. When you have hair loss your head can get cold at night, so wearing a sleep headwear can be crucial to a good night’s sleep. Another big advantage is that they collect the hair that falls out during the night, which you can just turn out into the bin in the morning, saving you the distress of seeing you hair on your pillowcase. While low in the style stakes the practical aspects of using them are their best features.