Peak Hats

Peak Hats – the Newsboy and Baker Boy are the most popular peak styles. They have a stiff peak and a round full body with a button on top. The style was popular in the 19th and early 20th century among boys and men of all social backgrounds, the upper classes usually wearing them for leisure activities. This trend has recently made a comeback in the new millennium with designers and affluent women. They can now be found in many high street retailers, made with soft cotton or pure wool. These originals have inspired our range of baker boy styles, designed with a softer and shorter peak, and fully lined with a generous full head, adding head height and impact.
Our Cadet Style hat is inspired by the Kepi Cap – a French military cap used in the US Civil War, worn by soldiers on both sides. We have softened it, and added volume, our Chelle and Vikki are among our most popular products.
Our peak hats have been designed with indoor and outdoor use in mind, having a shorter soft peak than most varieties, making it easier for folding up when indoors, and creating two looks in one.