Brim Hats

Brim Hats – These come in various styles and shapes; wide brim, bucket and cloche. The most popular wide brims are the cartwheel, which catapulted into popularity in the 50’s, showcased with Dior’s Y-line autumn 1955 collection. It has continued to be a favourite for wedding and events with Philip Somerville, Graham Smith and Frederick Fox – all including them in their millinery ranges.
The cloche style is a fitted bell-shaped worn low on the forehead, and designed by Caroline Reboux in 1908. They enjoyed great popularity and many designers, who collaborated with milliners to create headwear to match their clothing designs. Originally made using felt, and later straw, sometimes adorned with beads or lace for evening and bridal wear. The Eton crop became a popular hairstyle, as it was perfect for showcasing the cloche shape.
The bucket style was originally designed as a practical item for use in sports and sun protection around the 1900’s and worn by fisherman and farmers, but has become a fashion favourite of today with many famous celebrities wearing them, including Rihanna, Reece Witherspoon, Heidi Klum, and Jenifer Aniston, to name a few. It was last popular in the 80’s, brought back into fashion by the rap generation.