Peakless | Snood Hats

Description: I have created and sources some lovely hats without peaks which are perfect for hair loss. Great for wearing indoors from casual headwear to throw on if the door bell rings or you need to take the kids to school, to beautiful hand made silk hats to wear to work or out and about. The picture is showing the Jesse Silk collection. Enjoy 

Peak-less or Snood Hats – were traditionally designed to hold hair in a cloth or yarn bag to be both practical and hygienic in medieval times. Usually made using a loosely knitted yarn, and also decorated with beads or precious stones for the more affluent woman. They became popular once again during World War II, and were mainly used by working women and dubbed as ”hairnets” in America. We have used them to inspire our soft Alpine design with extra deep sides, so you can wear them as a snood or fold up the sides for a snug beanie style. With the 50’s style making a comeback, along with decorative hairnets, we are developing a new evening and bridal range with this in mind.
The Pillbox style is small and peak-less, with a flat crown and straight sides. Historically it was used as military attire popular with the Flemish in the middle ages, but it was Jacqueline Kennedy who made it fashionable for women in the early 60’s. This is the style, which inspired our peak-less Jesse design.
Peak-less headwear is easier to wear indoors as it doesn’t interfere with your vision or attract too much attention – perfect if you are dealing with hair loss.