Soft Hats

Soft Hats – have been used as head coverings since the beginning of civilisation. They have been worn for protection from the elements, religious and ceremonial reasons, safety and fashion. Worn in the military, they can indicate the rank of the person. A sun hat protects your head from harmful UV rays, hardhats offer protection from falling objects in construction and mining, and fur with earflaps provide warmth, essential in freezing climates. Soft ones come in various styles, and don’t require any rigid structure to maintain their shape. They can be rolled up and kept in a handbag so you can take them anywhere without fear of losing them. Their main advantage is comfort, when you need to wear one every day. We have taken traditional styles and re-designed them to be soft. These can also be washed without fear of damaging the structure, and made with small peaks, or no peak at all. You need to have lots of options as there isn’t one easy solution when you are dealing with hair loss. Wigs looks great, but they can become uncomfortable when worn for long periods, and wearing them indoors isn’t always practical. This is where our soft hats come into their own, providing a convenient and quick alternative to wigs.