Head Scarves

Description: I have a collection of headscarves that are easy to put on and a range that covers any time of the day from taking the kids to school, going to work or out and about to a special occation. Perfect for hair loss. Enjoy.

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Head Scarves date back thousands of years, one of the first recorded instances being around 1350BC, where the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti is depicted wearing a finely woven one. There are many reasons women wear headscarves. They offer protection from the cold, wind, rain and snow, especially where hair loss is a problem. They can be worn for religious reasons, where modesty is required, or the wearer wants to make their political affiliations known.
Jewish, Christian and Muslim women have been wearing them for centuries as part of their religious practice. Women aligning themselves with Bolshevism in the Russian revolution and civil war wore red or scarlet ones.
In recent years more fashionable options have emerged as an increasing number of women find themselves dealing with hair loss due to medical issues – side effects from chemo, alopecia and hormone imbalances – to name a few. African style head wraps originated in sub-Saharan Africa and are still worn today. They came back into fashion in the 1940’s during World War II as there was strict rationing on the amount of material used in clothing, but headwear was not rationed.
There are several types. Traditionally they were tied using a square shape, but now you can get pre-fitted designs (included in our range), which require little effort to fit and keep in place. They can be found today in a variety of colours, patterns and shapes with many stylish options to choose from.