Modular Fashion - Bella Head Scarf

The next instalment on my series of articles of modular fashion. In this article, I am using the Bella silk headscarf as my base piece. 


Beaver Headscarf £19.99 (I have used this scarf as my base head scarf for all the below styles)


Rose Headband in Beaver and Champagne



                          Beaver Headscarf and Rose Headband in Beaver and Champagne


Orchid Headband in Beaver £22.99



Beaver Headscarf and Orchid Headband in Beaver 



                                                            Natural Diamond Dolly Martin Corsage £8.00





Antique Rose Headscarf and Natural 

Diamond Dolly Martin Corsage 

Black Sparkle Headband £6.99

Black Headscarf and Black Sparkle Headband

Stardust Silk Chiffon Peony Corsage £6.99

Blue Bell Headscarf and Stardust Silk Chiffon Peony Corsage

Black Lush Silk Wrap (Short £12.99 - Long £16.99)

Charcoal Lush Silk Wrap (Short £12.99 - Long £16.99)

Black Headscarf, Charcoal and Black Lush Silk Wrap entwined and tied in a bow. 

Biscay Lush Silk Wrap (Short £12.99 - Long £16.99)


Dolly Martin Turquoise Diamond Corsages £8.99.

Azure Headscarf, Biscay Lush Silk Wrap and a selection of Dolly Martin Turquoise Corsages.






Posted by Gina Ritchie
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