Modular Fashion - Jesse Soft Hat

What is modular Fashion? Modular fashion is fashion that is based on the concept of being able to add to or breaking down the design using multiple components. Modular fashion involves a lot of layering. Modular designs start with a basic first layer, and then adding items onto that for a different style or look. Their by creating multiple looks with a few pieces. 

This what I have tried to achieve with my headwear range. Over the next few weeks I will show you a few options. 

Below I show you a few examples of how to use the Jesse Jersey as a base hat combined with a few items to make a variety of styles. The sky is the limit, have fun and express some of your style. xx

Jesse Jersey £13.75 - Black

Brown Geo 
Print Tieti Wrap £6.99                                           

                              Combination Look

Orange Dot Print Tieti Wrap £6.99

Combination Look
              Jesse Jersey with Buff 
                  Headband Madina £10.49

Cotton Tieti Wrap £8.99

Jesse Jersey with Cotton Tieti Wrap

             Jesse Jersey with Cotton 
                Aster Corsage £4.99

Jesse Jersey with Cotton
Daisy Corsage £4.99

Combo Jesse Jersey
Tieti Wrap & Daisy Corsage

             Jesse Jersey, Tieti Wrap 
               & Poppy Corsage

Posted by Gina Ritchie
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