How to wear a Buff headscarves

This is one piece of clothing that is truly multi-season. Wrap up in it during winter and it'll stretch to provide a vital layer against the wind, covering whatever you need covering.

The polyster microfibre might just be the simplest accessory you'll ever buy. It might also just be one of the best.

Buff boasts an SPF rating of 30 or more (exceeding most Doctor recommended level of sun protection). Made of tech fibers wicking moisture from the skin keeping you warm in the cold, & cool in the heat. Wear alone as a scarf, cap, pirate, face mask, and more!

Buff is very thin & doesn’t change the shape of your head, allowing your protective helmet(s) to properly work. Perfect for gardeners, runners, and for those undergoing Chemotherapy.

We have a wide range of Buff headscarves to suit any style: 



Posted by Gina Ritchie
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