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I have met a very interesting lady called Sue Hambleton this week and thought I would share with you what it is that she does. She is a health kinesiology practitioner.  What is  Health Kinesiology, I hear you say…. 

Health Kinesiology ™ (HK) is a complementary therapy that many people have reported has enabled them to recover their overall well-being. A long established BioEnergetic system that combines the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine with the modern technique of muscle testing.

HK is a gentle, non-invasive system of holistic therapy and is suitable for all ages from a new born babies to the elderly. HK uses a muscle-testing technique that accesses the body’s unique inner wisdom, to determine where imbalances lie along the body’s 14 energy meridians. Using this information, your HK practitioner then performs a range of corrective techniques specifically tailored to your individual needs. Helping you restore balance in your BioEnergy system, both inside and out. 

Sue is a friendly and approachable practitioner based in Market Harborough. Her passion for what she is doing is clearly visible when you speak with her. She gave up working in the very stressful busy corporate sector and now devotes all her time to growing her knowledge in her new career path and helping others to improve their health and life balance. Since qualifying in September 2004 as a professional practitioner, she became an Associate Member of the Kinesiology Federation in September 2007and has now completed the additional requirements to become a full registered professional with the Kinesiology Federation.

This year Sue has embarked on a new course and started working with Vera Peiffer who is a health kinesiologist specialising in hair and skin problems. Vera Peiffer('s practice) has come up with a way to test for reasons why your hair might be falling out and for natural ways to address those reasons via testing a sample of a few strands of your hair or from your nail(s) clippings if you have no hair. 

I thought this all sounds very interesting and so my mother-in-law and I will be going to see Sue for a consultation later this month. I will let you all know how it goes…. 

Cheers to good health.

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