Ahead of the crowd – this season’s headwear trends

With autumn firmly underway I thought it was a good time to take the opportunity of looking at what’s leading the way in the headwear fashions stakes.

Fur– always a staple of winter wardrobes, faux fur hats are one of the best ways to update your look. An elegant accessory, these hats are great for glamorous nights out.

Knit– another firm favourite, knitted headwear remains extremely popular as 2014 approaches. Pastel shades seemed to be taking over the catwalks so make sure your knitted hat takes on a pale hue.

Peak hats– the peak is the limit with this trend! It’s a modern style that works just as well in spring as in winter so you can really get your wear out of peak hats.

Embellishment– adding detail to hats is going to be big news over the next few months. Whether you add it yourself or choose one with handmade detail, this trend ensures headwear is girly, vintage and very pretty.

Manly styles– an unusual entry into the popular headwear countdown! Think hats with earflaps and balaclavas. Look out for ones with flashes of femininity like fur trims and pretty embellishment.

Berets– add a continental feel to your wardrobe with a beret. Creating a romantic classic look, these hats are something most of us can pull off with ease.

Asymmetry– think lopsided and you’re halfway there with this trend! As unusual as they sound, this type of headwear is going to be big news in 2013/14 so tilt your hat to one side to keep your look fresh.


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