Corsage | Brooches

Corsages | Brooches - In general a brooch can be described as a decorative clasp or pin, which was used as a piece of jewellery. Ornately decorated, the body comes in different sizes and a variety of shapes. They can tell you about the wearer’s style, beliefs, culture, guild affiliations and social or economic position. Earlier styles were large, made of strong metals and used to fasten heavy wool or leather cloaks. In the Middle Ages “morning brooches” were worn by mourners in memory of a loved one. After the early twentieth century they were worn as costume jewellery for decorative purposes, but they are also worn today to show ethnic identity… i.e. Celtic styles in Scotland, Ireland and Wales.
In recent years fabric corsages have become more popular, and creating them is one of our favourite activities at Xazha. We can use the same fabric as the headwear, resulting in matching corsages that complement and blend in with the hats and headscarves, creating interest without calling to much attention. We have also introduced pin-less corsages, which remain firmly in place using magnets, allowing the user far more scope as to where they can wear them, and reducing the risk of damage to delicate fabrics.