Browse our exciting selection of accessories. Many of our corsages are unique and handmade in-house. We have sourced some amazing pin-less brooches, held in place with small magnets. Many of our Wraps / Ties are unique to Xazha. They have been purposely sized to prevent adding bulk when used to tie around our headwear. We hope you enjoy browsing and find something to add that little something to your outfits.

Accessories date back to the beginning of mankind. First utilised for practical reasons – to carry implements or weapons. While fashion changed the general categories and types of accessories remain consistent throughout history.
As we evolved so did our accessories, becoming more decorative and personal, in addition to their practical function.
Belts were then used to draw attention to the waist area, and not just for carrying weapons or tools. They have been thin or wide, and buckles have come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
Embellished handbags are used to carry personal items, ranging from small ornately decorated evening purses to practical satchel style and large carryalls.
Jewellery would and still does convey status and adds finishing touches to polished outfits. Necklaces, bracelets and earrings changed from dainty thin chains to chunky costume jewellery. Brooches, which were used to decorate coats, dresses or scarves, changed similarly over the years and many convey the wearers’ personal style and hints to who they are.
Headwear in various forms are used to keep hair in check – headbands became wider and very ornate in the 1920’s. Headscarves were used to maintain well-sprayed, elaborate big hairstyles for longer, and protecting them while women slept. Many new styles of hats have developed over the years to continually provide us wearers with the ability to convey our own style and individuality through fashion.