About Us

I’ve been creative with fabric for as long as I can remember. My mum made dresses, and my baby sister was the perfect ‘model’ for my creations and experiments! This passion grew during my school years, and I went on to study fashion at the International Fashion Design School in Johannesburg. My design of leather chaps and corset for final graduation caused quite a stir, and was one of three designs selected for printing in a top South African fashion magazine.

I loved South Africa, and I was establishing myself as a designer of wedding and prom dresses, but living with the constant threat of violent crime and job insecurity was too much, and after my husband was made redundant we decided to join his family in the UK. We moved to Rugby, Warwickshire in 2001.  It was a very difficult decision, leaving my own wonderful family to start a new life in a very different environment, but the UK quickly became my new home. After meeting a some wonderful women one of whom who quickly became my best friend, living in the UK was a lot easier, and it was here that my career would take an unexpected shift when my best friend was diagnosed with cancer, and went through the ravages of chemotherapy and hair loss.

We searched for comfortable, funky headwear, but the lack of choices which were both stylish and gentle to wear, coupled with my strong desire to help my friend cope with her illness and treatment, gave me all the inspiration I needed. I set about developing a range of stylish headwear for sensitive heads, and that is how Xazha was born.

My range of headwear is designed with both fashion and function in mind. Choose from a selection of styles to suite your look and mood, knowing that each one is crafted with natural breathable fabrics for a secure comfortable fit, providing complete coverage and confidence. Create your own personal variations by combining different items in a modular way. Wearing a light headscarf is a great way to keep your head protected, cover up at the beach, and look great even when you are feeling a bit down. 


Customer service is very important to me, and making sure the purchasing process is as safe and easy as possible. I hope you will love my products, continue to return to my site, and share your experience with friends and family.


You can place your order securely via the website or over the phone by calling 01788 337687 Monday to Friday between 10:00 and 18:00. Purchases can be paid for with all major credit cards or via your PayPal account and everything is dispatched within 24 hours providing it is in stock. If you require any further assistance please refer to the ‘Quick Links’ at the bottom of this page, or alternatively you can contact me and I’ll be happy to help you.

Registered office: Afon Rhaiadr Country House, Dolgellau, LL40 2AH